LOL Edibles (300MG)

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LOL Edibles

Firstly LOL Edibles creates delicious medical snacks that are infused with cannabis. LOL Edibles has been voted the #1 line of edible’s in California.

Furthermore LOL Edibles makes a variety of infused candy. Chips, and baked goods. (Buy LOL Edibles Gummies).

Secondly amazingly fruity gummie candy. Creates Cannabis Infused medical snack products.
Also Carries the classic taste and sugar topping you already know and love. Infused with enough THC to send you into a delightful sugar high.
Bud Man OC carries LOL Edibles. Order your favorite MMJ-infused cereal, bag of chips, and candy and have them delivered to your door today.
What started as a creative hobby now has turned into a “budding” edible business that offers a wide range of high quality flavors and yummy textured edibles.


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