Sour Patch Kids Fire


Sour Patch Kids Fire

This package contains 1 individual 7.2 oz. bag of SOUR PATCH KIDS Fire Candy with a spicy sensation!

Let your imagination (and taste buds) run wild with soft, chewy, and fun SOUR PATCH KIDS candy, the mischief-making treat beloved by everyone. ( cannabis edibles store, marijuana gummies, cbd gummies walmart )

Firstly they’re sour. Then they’re sweet. And now they’re spicy! These chewy, kid-shaped confections have a fiery twist that heats up any movie, school, or office snack. marijuana gummies

Secondly Individual bags are perfect for snacking and sharing (or not). Fill goodie bags, gift baskets, lunch boxes, or treat jars, prep for a party, or stock your home or office for inevitable candy cravings. ( cbd gummies walmart )

Also Each serving of candy is only 110 calories. cannabis edibles store


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